The site is finished! I made the decision a while back that I needed a place of my own away from my random Flickr and decided this was the solution. I ended up using WordPress for editing and the design layout started as the Pixel theme. When I started playing around with these pages, I didn’t know anything about CSS, PHP, and had never used a PNG for anything. After a few weeks of dissecting things and learning how it all should work, I feel like I’ve got a handle on what is needed to make a decent page. I tried to keep everything on this site as simple and easy to manage as possible so I can keep it up to date. Thanks to my friend Lance for answering all of the many random web-related questions I’ve had and for recommending software that makes editing easier. A big Thanks also to my wife Leslie for her encouragement, for dealing with me being on the laptop at all times of the day, and for listening to me talk all the time about web gibberish and photography.