It’s March

It’s about this time every year I decide to sell all my camera gear and start over. Maybe go full frame or switch brands. Maybe just sell all my lenses and replace them with the same but newer models. I would say I don’t know what causes me to think these things and waste time comparing specs and prices, but I do know the cause. It’s because I’m cooped up without any time to go outside and shoot. It’s because being inside means I want better high ISO performance. It’s because new lenses focus faster. It’s because other people are doing it (never a good reason to do anything btw). It’s because it has video or a 100% viewfinder. It’s because the grass is always greener through a different lens. There are always too many reasons to change, but I have to ask myself; “self, are these the right reasons?”. They never are. So I try not to make the changes at this time of the year. If I really need something then yeah I make that change, but I never run with these delusional flights of fancy. For some reason though, thoughts of change always creep in. I could say ” I’m not doing this next year”, but truth be told I enjoy making these decisions. It may drive me crazy for a couple of days, but when It’s over I at least know the going rate and specs of every camera in my price range. Heck, If it weren’t for this time of the year, I wouldn’t even know what my price range was (selling everything gets me $x amount of moolah). If I have any advice for someone going through these same thoughts, I would say “mull it over”. Then mull it over again and again and again until you are sure you are making decisions for the right reasons. If you find yourself looking at new cameras and or lenses, just be sure to check your calendar. You might just realize it’s your time of the year.