Pinhole (D700)

I’ve always had an interest in old cameras and the history of photography even though I’ve never used a camera older than the early 90’s (with the exception being a few p+s 110 film cameras in the 80’s). Almost all of the photo-history books I have read have a section on pinhole cameras and how they work. The idea is simple and if you’ve never heard of one read that wiki entry because you’ll be amazed at how old the idea is. As for the little diy I have going on here, I used the lens cap pictured in my last post with a little aluminum foil, masking tape, a needle, and a drill. I marked the center of the lens cap and proceeded to drill the hole off center (which I don’t advise), laid the aluminum foil on a piece of cardboard, and then poked only the very tip of the needle through. A few pieces of tape later and I got the results below. Without aperture control, you can only use the shutter and ISO to control exposure. The pictures of the trees were hand held with the ISO Ramped all the way in RAW with no noise reduction and the one of the living room and dinner plates were taken with the camera sitting on the table at a much lower ISO and slower shutter speed. If I had used a thicker material (like a piece of aluminum can) I could have sanded the edges of the hole down and probably would have gotten a little better results; but.. eh; I’ll leave that for next time. All in all, it was a reasonably fun way to spend a small part of a Saturday.