Note To Self

Canon Body Cap Drama

PC-GF30 Reinforced Polymer….this is what Canon makes the body cap for the 5Dii out of. This is something I’ll remember for a while as I got a small scare when I went to cut a hole in it on the lathe. The last body cap I cut on the lathe was a generic ebay Nikon one and I had no trouble. When I tried to cut a hole in the Canon though, it caught on the cutting tool, jammed, then busted the lens mount and went shooting out. To say the least I was a little shocked. I didn’t get hurt nor was I close to getting hurt, but it was a little surprising. After inspecting the body cap, I found the letters PC-GF30 which after a minute on google I learned is a glass reinforced plastic. If I had known this before I started, I would have started a much smaller hole then enlarged but hey, that’s life. After a quick ebay order for 5 generic Canon body caps for $3 I was back in business a week later cutting it out with no problem. This body cap is going to be used back on the Ektar tilt shift for the 5dii that I haven’t had working in a while due to ghosting flares caused by my current set-up which I will post up again shortly