DIY 5Dii tilts without ghosts

I have put off this post for way too long as I have been fixated on getting a few more images snaphots to make this a good post. I have also been wanting to attach my tilt shift rig to a tripod to do some video with the 5Dii, but could not come up with a solution that doesn’t require trusting $6 worth of wood with my $1800 camera. Therefore, I am actually getting the tilt “L” (soon to be an upside down “T”) machined out of aluminum with the addition a tripod socket. This should fix my feelings about it’s structural integrity and make the whole project look a little more professional. In the mean time, here are a few pictures from my Canon 5Dii with the “original” tilt shift attached just as it had been when I first started the project with the Nikon D700. The lens used is the same lumenized (coated) 101mm f 4.5 Kodak Ekatar. I’m still thinking about bag bellows, a way to attach different lenses easily, and using enlarger lenses that have a wider field of view but can still focus to infinity when tilted. Please feel free to e-mail me directly via the contact page or by commenting on this post; I’m always open to new ideas.

p.s. – I also fixed my lightbox plug-in as it was malfunctioning. All thumbnail images should pop up now.

p.s p.s. – On further review, there were a few new errors since my last post that have all now been corrected now.