8-19-11 Lunch with Ace

It was just Ace and myself on this afternoon and I had to figure out what to feed him while I made the rest of our lunch. We had some leftover homemade potato soup that I knew he loved, but I wasn’t sure he could eat on his own with a spoon. We have some bowls that suction to smooth surfaces and our kitchen table has a sheet of glass covering it so I knew the bowl wouldn’t go anywhere if I just put it directly in front of him. A bib with a troth pocket to catch dropped food would keep him clean so I set everything up. He went to town on that soup! He was eating it so fast and getting around 80% of it in his mouth which was pretty impressive for someone who at that point didn’t feed himself everyday. Needless to say I had to get some pictures.



After lunch came play time.

Yes that is a tent you’re looking at and it came with a tunnel as well. We had the tent in out living room on and off for a few months. We stored all his old odds and ends bottle parts in a plastic bin that lived in the tent. He loves to dump out all the parts and then go back though all the pieces. This day was no exception other than the bin was in his tent and the bottle nipples ended up on his fingers (he’s a little strange sometimes =). Right after that, a diaper change happened where he did not want his pants put back on and thought it was funny to run around without them and I have to admit that it was pretty darn cute. A few minutes after that I put him down for his afternoon nap. He’s such a sweetie.