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Out of the blue tip for you: If you’ve never used Evernote and you browse the internet daily, you really should check into it.  It’s been out for a few years now and while I jumped on board last year, I haven’t really started taking advantage of it until these past few months.  Evernote is a free “note” making / taking program that you put on all of your personal (not shared) computers and it allows you to sync all of your notes from all of your computers so that you always have them with you.  Now add Mozilla Firefox (my preferred browser) to the mix with Evernote’s Web Clipper add-on installed and you can copy entire webpages with a single click.  If you just want a snippet, simply highlight what you want to save and click the Web Clipper button. A few seconds of magic later and it’s stored in your computer’s copy of Evernote ready to be synced along with a link to the page it was clipped from. I highly recommend this combination.