Introduction to medium format

Everything is a story with me. I feel the need to explain it all and to tell you how it all came to be. I could do a lot of explaining here, but you don’t really need to know most of it. The basics are, I found a Calumet 4×5 camera at work along with multiple polaroid backs. Add in expired film (half of which was completely dry) and I get a learning experience.

The images below were my first few attempts at setting up and using the camera. I’ve learned a decent amount already with the whole hour and a half I’ve messed around with it (3 lunch breaks), but I still have a ways to go. My reason for only taking pictures of my 5DII is…well I don’t really have one, it’s just what was out and available. These were done with Polacolor 64 with a 150mm Caltar at 5.6 with only the shutter speed and distance from subject changing.

Attempt #1. Possible light leak and underexposed. Metered with the 5D, exposure a good 3 stops off.

Attempt #2. Tried covering the camera better (though I saw no light leaks when I checked the shutter, bellows, etc.) but the light leak was still there and still underexposed.

Attempt #3. Changed the polaroid 545 back to a 545i back. No light leak (?) and a decent exposure; used a small amount of swing and tilt to bring the whole body into focus. I might have to underexpose another image to re-check for the light leak.