8-9-12 Car Update

I’ve wanted new seats for my project car for a couple of years now and finally decided to bite the bullet. Now that the car has paint, it makes more sense to get the car updated. After over a month of debate and looking, I ordered some Corbeau seats choosing the FX-1 for the driver’s side and the Wide A4 for the passenger. As it turns out, I really should have gone to sleep instead of ordering the seats when I did because in my online price seeking delirium, I forgot that the FX-1 is the wider version and the FX-1 Pro is the smaller version. Only after getting the seats and sitting in them did I realize my mistake. The kicker is that the Wide A4 fit perfectly in the shoulders and loose in the hips, which is what I wanted out of the driver’s side seat. I decided to install the FX-1 in the car just to be sure I didn’t like it and sure enough, it was a no go. With that in mind, I spent rest of my budgeted/ saved project car money and ordered a Wide A4 for the driver’s side. It should be here in a few weeks and then I’ll try to sell the FX-1 locally to recoup some of my funds. That said, I should be getting the side skirts on the car soon so I’m looking forward to having the car almost all the way back together. Once it’s all back together, It’ll be time to really clean the garage up. fun fun.