About Me

    Insert really fast picture of me in the living room here

    I’m not going to drag you into the “I’ve been taking bad pictures since I was 10yrs old, know everything, and on top of that am completely awesome” idea that some people post on their about pages. I want to tell you the actual facts. I’m from Williamston SC, I’m married, and I just became a father on Jan 13, 2010. There’s a strong chance I won’t have time to keep up with these pages and post regularly, but will at least try to post occasionally. This site is a way for me to express ideas, images, review equipment, and also pass along any information I find useful. When I’m not changing a diaper, working, or sleeping, I’ll most likely be eating. But when I’m not eating, I’ll be reading Harry Potter. But seriously, after all that, I’ll try to post up what I’m mulling over if not just to get it out of my head. Just as an FYI, I have ADD and have been known on occasion to go completely off topic, genre, and planet but rest assured, it will all relate to something (it just might not seem that way to anyone but me). If you have any questions, just post a comment or use the contact page.

    Thanks for dropping in,