Family Trip

Family Trip to the Greenville Zoo – 9/10/11

With only about an hour to go before the Greenville Zoo closed, we made the best of our little last minute family adventure. We knew that Ace was a little young to be going to the zoo, but at the same time wanted to go somewhere different with lots of roaming room. He likes to explore so what better place than the zoo. Plus, neither Ace nor Crystal had never been to the Greenville Zoo so why not get a small taste of what it has to offer. Plus we wanted to go into Greenville for dinner and groceries anyway so we made the most of the time we had.

We originally brought the stroller into the park thinking Ace would ride in it some of the time when/ if he lost interest. Well we need not have worried as he was on his feet the whole time checking out everything. We didn’t stay anywhere very long and to him, the bugs and plants beside the walkways were just as interesting as anything the animals were doing in their cages. It was funny to see him stop and stare at the various animal enclosures though. I wish there were someway to know if any thoughts were running through his head or if he was just taking it all in. He was being his usual cute self though, waving at everyone we met along the way.

Around 40min into our hour walk through the park, we all made a pit stop for ice cream and to roam through the gift shop (I think he liked the big stuffed animal snakes the most). This may have been the first time Asa had ever eaten ice cream by licking it which was pretty funny to teach and watch. He got it everywhere, but you couldn’t deny he was enjoying it. With the ice cream eaten we headed back out around and everywhere just following Ace from place to place. All in all, it was a pretty successful trip that we’ll have to repeat one day when we have a little more time. Also, A big Thanks to Crystal for pushing the empty stroller around the park as it was great to not have to worry about it and my camera at the same time.