Have you got “it”?

Are you Driven? I not talking about a bad Sylvester Stallone movie, I’m talking about the need to create. Most great artists have a need to always push what they know and a hunger to learn more. I just don’t have that kind of drive. While I do have a drive to create and capture, I don’t have that absolute need to always be doing it. I’m amazed when I see or hear some one that has that all encompassing must create now attitude. Where do they get it? What causes them to be that way? Like many people, I get all riled up about an idea, but If I don’t write it down it just gets lost to the abyss I call a brain. When the idea eventually resurfaces on it’s own, it lacks the excitement I had originally envisioned with it. It might not even be the excitement it lacks. It may just be that when the original brand new idea was floating up there, there were other ideas that it mingled with and made new ideas possible but without the mingling, it just seems dull. It may be the case that people who are really driven are just great at hammering this smorgasbord of ideas out into one idea and if they can’t get it out they’ll go crazy. It could also be fear of failure or just a need to succeed. Some people hate to not be moving forward and maybe that’s part of it. I don’t know. Whatever “it” is, keep a look out. It may get you. Maybe it’ll get me too.