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11-17-11 All on his own

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Ace saying his ABC’s

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Ace dropped a small bomb on us yesterday and said all of his ABC’s while we were out at lunch. We tried to get him to say them again after dinner, but he only made it to W this time. We probably won’t get too many more chances to try filming it as he gets more bashful every time we ask him to say them, but we didn’t even know that he knew them at all until yesterday so it was kind of a shock. He’s only 2yrs and 1.5months old!

2-26-12 Something New

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I got a new (to me) camera recently and wanted to post a few of the pictures I took with it over the weekend. Instead of always hauling around my big look at me and get nervous camera, the new one is tiny and easily carried without attracting too much attention. It’s a Panasonic GF2 with 14-42mm lens in case you were wondering and I think it’s just what I was looking for.

25 Minutes on 11-13-11

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   Super Hero, Lawn Mower Pusher, House Plant Waterer, Race Car Driver, and Monkey Wrestler; these are a fraction of the jobs Ace goes through on a hourly basis when he’s at full tilt. Other professions not shown here include Fire Man, Mail Man, Train Conductor, Baseball Player, Skateboarder, and Garbage Man. He’s an active little guy.


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Some pictures from November when Ace found his bag of Halloween treats. Leslie also managed to get a few pictures of me and Ace enjoying the iPad.


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Our nighttime routine consist of Ace getting a sippy of water in a cup of his choice and then saying “night night” to all his animal friends.


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Random images from November as I’m still working my way through a year full of pictures.

Silly, Silly, Boy

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Just a few pictures of Ace coloring from way back on 10-22-11. He’s the cutest thing ever right?

Avoiding bath time

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Sometimes Leslie can tell Asa “it’s bath time” and the first place he goes is to his room to pretend to read a book. In these pictures, you can see his approach to getting into the glider by holding onto the book with both hands and face planting into chair while simultaneously hiking a leg onto the cushion. He’s too silly and for proof, look at the last image to see what happens when you tell him to smile. Captured on 10-7-11.

8-14-11 One Tired Baby

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You know your child is tired when he nods off while on the swingset.

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