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Some pictures from November when Ace found his bag of Halloween treats. Leslie also managed to get a few pictures of me and Ace enjoying the iPad.


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Our nighttime routine consist of Ace getting a sippy of water in a cup of his choice and then saying “night night” to all his animal friends.

Ross No. 4

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I’ll try to keep this simple. Ross No. 4 lens (15″ FL) from 1860′s + Calumet 4×5 Camera + 2 tripods + some “interesting” rigging = how I got the pictures above. I don’t recommend this set-up for ease of use, but it did it’s job. Explanation of what is going on: The dark cloth was rubber banded and pinned for use as bellows material, the bracket on the tripod was made for my diy tilt shift rig that I never got around to using, the black rubber band is actually an old bike inner tube that I use for purposes just like this, the towel is cotton, and the duct taped folded wheel protector cardboard has black felt taped onto it for use as a lens cap/ shutter. The film was well expired Polacolor 64 with around a 3.5 to 4.5 second exposure. By the way, that’s not a light leak; this particular box film had the same line on almost every sheet of film and the other film I used had no similar quirks. Take it or leave it, this was a fun little one night project.


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Random images from November as I’m still working my way through a year full of pictures.

1-7-12 Polaroid Type 669

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Shot through some expired 669 Polaroid Instant Film using a Polaroid 405 back. All in all, very easy to load and use as long as you take into account the film speed slowing down when doing longer exposures. Not every image came out as expected, but I attribute some of that to the expired film, some to user error, and some to a combination of all of the above.

Didn’t come out at all, pulled off the negative with emulsion and placed it back on the image for the 2nd transfer

These two were with very expired (92) Type 59 Polacolor ER 4×5 with a 545i back.

Silly, Silly, Boy

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Just a few pictures of Ace coloring from way back on 10-22-11. He’s the cutest thing ever right?

Avoiding bath time

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Sometimes Leslie can tell Asa “it’s bath time” and the first place he goes is to his room to pretend to read a book. In these pictures, you can see his approach to getting into the glider by holding onto the book with both hands and face planting into chair while simultaneously hiking a leg onto the cushion. He’s too silly and for proof, look at the last image to see what happens when you tell him to smile. Captured on 10-7-11.

Wedding Favors

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I took pictures for my sister-in-law’s wedding (mostly candid and I do plan to post a few pictures here eventually) back in September of 2011 and my wife was able to bring home some of the decorations that her mom made which you can see below. They’re paper flowers made from old thrift store books and they’re the coolest little things. Now I can’t help but read any text I see on crafts and artwork just to see if I can figure out where it came from. The tissue rose in the middle was made by hand by the bride and my wife on the day of the wedding because any day they’re together is a good day for crafts.

These were taken on 10-7-11 when we got together over at Bob and Gloria’s to celebrate Bob’s birthday. Ace seems so much smaller looking back on the images now and it’s only been a little over 3 months. It’s crazy how fast he is growing.

Welcoming in the New Year

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My cold is finally almost completely gone. My headaches are hopefully on their way out as well. The Holidays (though they were great) are over and it’s back to work. 2011 was a good year. Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise, 2012 will be as well. Here’s hoping the best to you and yours. -Jon

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